Choosing a Wedding Theme (Part 2)

AS a continuation to the first part of our series of choosing wedding themes, where we featured ideas for Shabby Chic, Romantic Whimsical and Victorian Vintage weddings, this month we focus on some more fun ideas to enhance your big day.
Most South African brides, on average, allow about a year to plan their weddings. So, a year on from now takes us into the colder months of Winter and this particular season gives rise to many interesting ideas for a theme.
Winter Wonderland
What’s great about this season is that delicate snowflakes and sparkling ice crystals can usually be found within most winter themes and these are easy to work with and enhance.
For starters, you might choose winter wedding flowers as your theme, using flower types and colours as your inspiration for centrepieces, favours, cake style and wedding attire.
You can also opt to focus your wedding theme upon the colours of winter. And don’t worry, you needn’t settle for red and green! Think clear crystal, pure white, and ice blue.
Other colours that suit a Winter theme are midnight blue, teal green, ruby reds, burgundy, gold, silver, and finally – jewels tones of ruby, sapphire, emerald, and purple.
Try to think of how you could use ice sculptures, mirrors and glittering ornaments to enhance your decor.
If you are using floral arrangements to decorate your reception table, choose glass vases and fill them with crystal or ice blue gel beads. Surround the arrangements with votive candles for a beautiful reflection.
There are so many options available to help plan a winter wedding celebration. Take your time and explore the multitude of enchanting ideas.

Rustic Country Style

Winter days are short and the nights are long so maybe you have a country-style wedding filled with good old-fashioned rusticity, simplicity and relaxed charm in mind?
Country theme weddings can transport you and your guests to a simpler time, if only for a moment. Venues suited to this theme abound in South Africa.
For your colour motif, start with a palette of earthy tones: yellows and golds, tans and umbers, sage, russet and cinnamon.
A crackling fireplace, gas fires or even braziers would be a hit with guests. Lots of candles will also add to the atmosphere.
For unusual country weddings consider favours such as homemade, country-style jars of jams or preserves with pinked squares of calico fabric tied around the tops with ribbons.

Starry Starry Night

Capture the essence of a celestial marriage celebration with this starry night theme wedding idea. Look for designs that signify a star wedding theme. For your invitation, select midnight blue or black paper and have your wording printed in gold lettering.
You can ask your invitation supplier to add gold stars down one side and across the tops of the invitations. You could also buy star-shaped stencils and gold glitter acrylic paints and stencil the designs on the invitations.
You can also work with an all white palette and incorporate vintage looking street lights throughout the space. Votive candles, white roses and orchids as finishing touches can successfully bring the tablescape to life.

Make sure you pick up a copy of our next issue of  Real Brides Magazine for more terrific wedding theme ideas.

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